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This Deep-Sea Fish Is Equal Parts Freaky And Awesome

The oceans of planet Earth contain a diversity of life that’s hard to fathom. But one thing is for certain: just when you thought that life in the ocean couldn’t get any weirder, it gets a whole lot more ridiculous. A perfect example of this is the barreleye fish. Feast your eyes on this wondrous […]

This Looks Like A Normal Animal…Until You Hear Its Bizarre Story

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); Most of the time, science is a wonderful and awe-inspiring thing. But every once in a while, science can take a turn for the worse (which can be so creepy). This month, we can say for certain that a handful of scientists crossed that line when they created one of the […]