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OMG! These Dogs Are So Ugly They’re…Well, They’re Actually Kinda Cute.

There is no shortage of cute dog pictures on the Internet. But as friends of people with chihuahuas know, not all dogs are created equally cute. Dogs often have faces only a mother could love. For the sake of truth, we compiled pictures of dogs that you won’t see at Westminster this Thanksgiving. This guy […]

This Dog Has One Of The Funniest Sneezes You’ll Ever Hear — Prepare To Fall In Love

Animal sneezes are just as unique as human ones. You’ve got the tiny squeakers and the full-body screamers. But never have we seen or heard such a unique sneeze as the one coming from old Maggie here. Her owner Logan said that the 19-year-old rat terrier has been sneezing like this for years. He also […]