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I Thought I Knew Dogs Until I Learned These 20 Little Known Facts. They’re All Amazing.

Through out history man has always had a trusty companion by his site, a creature so attached to us it’s called man’s best friend. I’m speaking of dogs of course, but how much do you know about our four legged friends? You probably know they go “woof” and love to chew on bones, but I’m sure […]

23 Incredibly Cute Facts About Animals That Make Them Even MORE Adorable.

Animals don’t have to do much to make us say “awww!” Simply rolling around, making a silly face, or just being very sleepy can be enough to kill us with cuteness. The bar isn’t set too high, which makes these adorable facts all the more heart-melting. You’re gonna want to snuggle up with each of the sweet animals […]