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20 Of The Weirdest And Creepiest Things For Sale On Etsy

I’ve always had fun browsing through Etsy looking at all of the cool handmade trinkets. When you’re in the market for unique gifts, beautiful jewelry, or cute wedding favors, Etsy is definitely the place to visit. But if you thought that it was limited to relatively innocent items, you couldn’t be more wrong. googletag.cmd.push(function() { […]

People Think These Guys Are Spooky But They’re Much More Than Halloween Mascots

Come October, people start to get into a spooky mood. Scary movies play on cable and lawns are covered with everything from cutesy-scary decorations to full-blown haunted houses. A lot of these decorations show eerie pictures of bats or black cats…but these animals aren’t actually scary animals! Just take a look at these Halloween mascots […]