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12 Weird Truths All Cat Owners Sadly (And Hilariously) Accept As Cold, Hard Fact

My cat can be so sweet and cuddly that my heart (and Instagram feed) overflows with all the snuggly love. But then a few moments later, without warning, I’m sporting a new scratch on my hands from petting him just one second too long. Sometimes it looks more like I live with Edward Scissorhands rather […]

The Definitive Ranking Of The Most Annoying Characters On Kids Shows

Repeat after me: “One day my kid will grow out of these shows.” 19. Chilly from Doc Mcstuffins View this image › Disney Yeah, Chilly is cute and all, but the worrying is out of control. Your name is Chilly. Try being “chill” for once. Obligatory parent rant: If I were to ever harm anyone, […]