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People Think These Guys Are Spooky But They’re Much More Than Halloween Mascots

Come October, people start to get into a spooky mood. Scary movies play on cable and lawns are covered with everything from cutesy-scary decorations to full-blown haunted houses. A lot of these decorations show eerie pictures of bats or black cats…but these animals aren’t actually scary animals! Just take a look at these Halloween mascots […]

Rescued Bat Makes Super-Happy Noises When Being Cuddled By His Caretaker

Before I started working for ViralNova, I thought bats were scary. And that’s not unusual — we’ve been taught to think they’re spooky, friends of Dracula, and all-around not cute. But then I saw these adorable babies: If those tiny tykes didn’t convince you that bats are the cutest, keep reading. Jeddah here is a […]