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You’ll Definitely Want Your Own Wombat When You Watch This Adorable Little Guy In Action

When most of us think about Australian animals, we tend to either picture something terrifyingly vicious or absolutely adorable. While I’m a huge fan of watching scary animals in action, today I’ll be offering something much less menacing for your viewing pleasure. If you really need something to smile about right now, you’ve definitely come […]

Rescued Bat Makes Super-Happy Noises When Being Cuddled By His Caretaker

Before I started working for ViralNova, I thought bats were scary. And that’s not unusual — we’ve been taught to think they’re spooky, friends of Dracula, and all-around not cute. But then I saw these adorable babies: If those tiny tykes didn’t convince you that bats are the cutest, keep reading. Jeddah here is a […]