Paper Punch Flowers Online Workshop

Paper Punch Flowers Online WorkshopClick Image To Visit SiteIf you’ve scrolled down this far it is likely you have a passion for Card Making, and like me, you’re always on the lookout for learning new ways to decorate and ‘beautify’ your Greeting Cards so that they demand attention! If so this message will be important to you…

My best friend knew that I was crafty and that I was often busy making small paper flowers to decorate cards and artwork to hang on the wall, so she asked me to demonstrate my flower making skills to a group of church ladies.

I’d not really considered teaching this art. Paper flower making was just something I kind-of taught myself to do (like so many other crafts). The evening was a success and at the end my friend said to me that I should teach this stuff to others.

I knew I had a lot of information to share, more that I could squeeze into a 3 hour workshop. I also knew from my experience that everyone learns at a different speed and in a workshop situation that could become an issue. I also knew that I’d have to hire rooms, post out flyers etc. and it was all seeming a bit complicated.

I didn’t want to lose this opportunity of sharing my love of creating paper punch flowers and I wanted everyone (no matter how skilled or novice) to walk away happy, feeling like they really understand and could successfully create stunning artwork with their paper flowers.

So after many months with this idea rolling around in the back of my mind I finally decided that I would teach my craft but make it available to anyone around the world from the convenience of their computer.

I wanted a place that you could… Read more…

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