Your Dogs Might Know Cool Tricks, But Are They This Focused? I Doubt It.

My golden retriever has zero self-control when it comes to food and treats.

If you leave the room for just a few seconds, it’s a given that any food left there will have vanished by the time you get back with the only clue being one seriously guilty yet adorable furry face. Though I can’t deny it makes me mad, I also understand that I’m basically tempting fate by leaving anything edible where the poor guy can reach it. That’s why I’m so amazed at what this smart pup can do.

World, meet Molly the golden retriever. Not only is she super cute, but as her owner says, she’s got “insane focus and balance” along with incredible self-control.

When she’s not nailing awesome tricks her owner taught her, she’s hanging with her best friend, Abby.

The two were both taught to hold treats on their noses, but Molly’s just a tad better at it. Don’t worry Abby, you’re still adorable.

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When Its Human Friend Rings A Bell Underwater, This Fish Knows Exactly What To Do

In the olden days, it was common for Mom or Dad to ring the dinner bell when it was time to eat.

The kiddos were usually off playing outside, and the dinner bell would call them home to chow down together as a family. It’s gone out of fashion now for humans, but there’s one fish in the sea who knows exactly what happens when he hears that special sound.

The diver clearly loves this fish, and he comes swimming right away. How cute!

Youtube / 波左間海中公園

I love to see human-animal friendships like this. We really can get along, as long as there’s food involved!

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