This Giant St. Bernard Can’t Get Enough Of Her Family’s New Little Kitten.

When Bella, an appropriately named beautiful St. Bernard, was introduced to one of her family’s new kittens, it was love at first sight. 

The big girl can’t take her eyes of the little guy, Harry, as he plays around in the grass. She makes a nervous attempt to reach out to him, but clearly doesn’t want to accidentally crush him as she ever-so-delicately pats at him. It’s so dang cute.

Bonus, Bella keeping an ever watchful eye on Harry while he attempts to climb a tree:

(via YouTube.)

This warms even my cold, cynical heart. True love really does exist!

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He Was About To Punish His Dog For Getting Into The Garbage, ‘Til He Saw This Hilarity

We all have bad habits we just can’t seem to shake. For this hilarious pup, it’s the allure of digging through the trash that gets him in trouble every time.

Well, not every time. When his human came home on this occasion to see the debris scattered around, he was ready to punish the bad pup. But when he finally found the cute culprit, he was too busy laughing to remember what he was mad about.

You have to admit, that’s a pretty impressive feat for such a small pup! Good luck to his humans with finding a new lock this silly, determined boy won’t find a way through.

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