Making Your Own Infused Vodka Is So Easy…And Here’s How To Do It!

There’s nothing quite like a professionally poured craft cocktail. Hard-to-pronounce ingredients, infused spirits, and elegant glasses make me feel so fancy.

Sadly, though, those cockails are a luxury only to be enjoyed once in a blue moon.

I’d rather not spend $15 on a drink, thankyouverymuch. I could buy a cute top with that money instead!

Buthad I known that you can make your own infused alcohol at home, I would have been doing this for literally years. While it might sound way complicated, infusing is basically a fancy word for ‘soaking for a long time’ — at least in this case.

Don’t believe me? You can infuse your vodka with just about anything…including BACON.

You can do the same thing with whiskey — this guy added cherries and a cinnamon stick.

More into gin? This way of infusing the alcohol with cucumbers is super fast.

And this pineapple and jalapeño-infused tequila would be perfect just served over ice.

Well, there you have it. Infuse your alcohol with all of the things! The best part? They last just as long as any other boring, uninfused liquor.

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You’ve Seen This A Million Times But Never Noticed It… But Now? You’ll Never Un-see It.

Watching movie trailers and admiring the posters for new films is fun… but there is something you’ve probably never noticed your entire life. Each of us have seen thousands of movie posters, but have you ever really looked at them? Blogger Christophe Courtois (among others) discovered some striking similarities between literally hundreds of movie and television promotional posters. Basically? Hollywood has run out of good ideas. Studios use the same design, color scheme and even fonts in countless movie posters. See for yourself.

1.) Big heads in the sky, set over tiny people on a beach.

2.) A shot from the back (often while a character is holding a weapon).

3.) Big text on big faces.

4.) A couple (or partners) leaning back-to-back.

5.) A pair of people in bed.

6.) A shot through the legs.

7.) ONE. BIG. EYE.

8.) An overwhelmingly blue poster with a natural focus.

9.) People running for their lives (often at strange angles).

10.) A woman posing in a cute, red dress.

(H/T Christophe Courtois) There can only so many original ideas or plot lines. If you think about, every original thought has probably already happened. That’s why so many stories, books, films, poems and artwork seem so similar over the decades or centuries. … but there’s no excuse for this lack of originality. Yikes. Share these crazy Hollywood coincidences with others. You’ll never un-see this.

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