Making Shirts For Crafts

If you are a Girl Scout mom, den master, or any other type of facilitator to a group of young children, you have probably had to come up with some good craft ideas for meetings. If you are looking for a great idea that the kids will enjoy doing and get some use out of later, why not consider making shirts?

You have several options when it comes to making shirts. You can do tie dye, finger paints, or puffy paints. You could even use markers if you wanted to. The type of shirt you choose should depend on the ages of most of your members. You don’t want to pick something too difficult for a group of first graders unless you know you can get some parents to help out.

You can either make each child supply his or her own shirt or if you have the funds available, you can find shirts pretty cheap online. Blank T-Shirts can be bought in bulk for far less than buying them individually in a store.

You can choose the color of the shirts depending on the type of shirt you are going to make. If you plan to do tie dye or use markers, white shirts will probably work best. For hand paints or puffy paints, any color shirt would be acceptable.

If possible, try and get at least a few parents to help out if you have a larger group. Make sure you have plenty of supplies for all of the kids and also a way to clean up any messes or spills which will probably occur.

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