Kids Bible Crafts – Fun Ideas For Sunday School

Many Sunday School teachers and Vacation Bible School teachers have to find kids bible crafts to use with the children in their classes. They have to find crafts that will teach the stories from the bible and that entertain children as well. There are many options available for these teachers that the kids will enjoy creating.

Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks are extremely inexpensive and can be bought in bulk. Popsicle sticks can be used to create a variety of interesting projects. They can be painted to resemble almost anything and can be glued together to create large-scale projects. One project kids can make using popsicle sticks is Noah’s Ark. After children learn the story about Noah building the ark to survive the flood, they can build an actual ark using the popsicle sticks and even paint the sticks to look realistic. They can further replicate the ark by adding details to it such as animals.


Kids bible crafts should involve art projects because kids love to create their own art. One art project that kids like to complete involves making posters. Bible stories can get confusing for kids because they tend to forget how the people in the biblical stories are related. For each bible story they read, kids can create family trees for the people involved in the stories on poster board. Children can use poster paints, markers, or colored pencils to create large-scale family trees. This will help them remember how the biblical characters are related to one another while they are reading the stories in Sunday School or Vacation Bible School. These family trees can be hung on the walls for decoration after they are completed.


Storyboards are a great way for kids to recreate the biblical stories they have read or learned about in class. Kids can draw their own storyboards for stories such as Daniel and the Lion’s Den. This allows children to plot out the basic story in a series of boxes in chronological order. They get to use their artistic skills to draw the stories as they see them in their heads and imaginations. They get to use their creativity to bring the bible stories to life. They can color these storyboard illustrations using colored pencils or markers. Some children might even want to paint their storyboards using brushes and paint. Some Sunday School teachers or Vacation Bible School teachers have their kids create large storyboards on big pieces of wood or wooden screens to use as decoration around the classroom.

Kids bible crafts don’t have to be expensive or hard to create. Most children just like to use art supplies and be creative, so the crafts presented here are perfect for them. The looks on their faces after they create a replica of Noah’s Ark or a family tree poster or a gigantic storyboard are worth it. They feel pride in their crafts and have learned about the bible stories while creating art.

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