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Ann Curry reportedly axed from ‘Today’!/weird4/status/215616802368143365 Word around the Twitterverse is that Ann Curry is out as the host of NBC’s “Today” show after just one year: Please please please. RT @thedailybeast Is this the end for Ann Curry at the Today Show? — Allison™ (@allidoe) June 21, 2012 NBC to replace Ann Curry, disappointing the network's remaining 24 viewers. […]

Is She Killing The Animals At Her Petting Zoo? She Says No But Others Aren’t Sure

We’ve all been to one of those local wildlife sanctuaries, and unfortunately, they can seem more than a little bit sketchy. While zoos are more highly regulated, smaller locations that operate as part petting zoo can be more questionable. Reports from these tourist attractions often say the animals don’t have enough room or that they […]