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Rest easy, ladies: George Takei will do your Hobby Lobby thinking for you!/GeorgeTakei/status/483966953175126016 Now you’ve done it, Hobby Lobby. You’ve forced actor George Takei to drop the F-bomb in a nonsensical meme.!/Hokiehunter13/status/483975138140897280!/NOTDaleJR88/status/483979387050942464 That “f**king crafts store” also drove Takei to  blog about “how the U.S Supreme Court believes corporations are people, yet treats women inhumanely.” Inhumanely. He trots out everything from Scientology to Sharia Law in his […]

22 Awesome Fall Projects To Make Your Home Look And Smell Like Autumn

If you ask me, it isn’t officially autumn until your home is looking and smelling festively ready for fall. Whether it’s by creating your own DIY decorations or by lighting some candles in fall-themed scents, there are plenty of ways to ring in everyone’s favorite sweater-friendly season from the comfort of your own home. googletag.cmd.push(function() […]