Fun Farmyard Arts and Crafts activities

_313572_pig150.jpg Farmyards hold a special place in a child’s heart. The excitement of seeing little furry and feathered creatures running around is an attraction that keeps children wanting to come back time and time again.
Children love farm-related activities; reading about farms, visiting farms and making arts and crafts relating to farms.

Yellow Moon has plenty of arts and crafts materials to help children learn about farms while getting creative!

Animal Mosaic Masterpieces are easy to put together and hard to stop staring at once made! Kids just need to follow the numbers and stick on the coloured tile squares to create masterpieces featuring animals such as lions, donkeys and elephants.

A Lacing Farm Set can let children sew animals such as Lucy Lamb and Percy Pig even more quickly than it takes for a farmer to sow seeds in his field. Once a farm animal has been matched to a background scene it’s ‘sew’ satisfying to lace the two together.

If children want to put on a puppet show involving animals then they will love Farm Animal Hand Puppet Sewing Kits. The felt pieces, wool and wiggle eyes provide them with all they need to produce cow, chick, horse and pig puppets. Once finished they could put on a puppet show for their friends and family!

There are plenty of books about farm animals for kids to read; younger children will love Percy Pig’s Bubble and Squeak series. For older children, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White is recommended; the story concerns an intelligent spider who tries to save the life of a pig by writing messages addressed to the farmer in her web.

Farm Animal Foam Bookmark Kits will make sure they don’t lose their place when reading these tales of country life. With a little glue, these bookmarks are so easy to make and are so useful too!

Making these arts and crafts can really inspire children to find out more about farms as can movies about the antics of the farmer’s animals.

Why not hire a few DVDs to further fuel kids’ interest? Babe, a film about a pig who befriends a female sheepdog, continues to enchant young viewers. Chicken Run is also set on a farm; made by the studio which produced Wallace and Gromit, the comic plot concerns a group of chickens who try to escape from their coop and avoid the fate of ending up in a chicken pie!

Great farms to visit

If children want to see animals in their natural habit, rather than on the small or big screen, then there are lots of child-friendly farms dotted throughout the UK. Southern families might well be familiar with Old Macdonald’s Farm, while northern families often make a bee-line for Wythenshawe Community Farm.

On Old Macdonald’s Farm in Essex there are cows, horses, pigs, goats, wallabies and ducks.

The farm has lots of special events such as Father’s Day activities on 19th June and Pet Our Animals Weekend on 13th August.

Further north, in Manchester, Wythenshawe Community Farm offers kids the chance to see the hustle and bustle of a working countryside farm in an urban setting. Children can see cows, sheep, goats, pigs, ducks and horses and – if they time their visit at the right time – can see young animals taking their first faltering steps!

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