Fun Birthday Crafts for Kindergarten

Birthdays are very exciting events for children. They can eat delicious foods like birthday cakes and other treats, play games, win prizes, and just basically have fun. If it is your child’s birthday and you want to make it more fun, special, and personal for your little one, you can let hi do some of the birthday essentials. Here are some fun birthday crafts for kindergarten.


  • One very easy birthday craft project that will make your child’s birthday more personal is to let your child make his own birthday invites. You can tell him to draw anything that he wants. Or you can draw the pattern and just let him color the drawings. The guests will surely be impressed and your child will be very happy.

  • Birthday party hats and loot bags are also great crafts for kindergarten. For the party hats, help you child make cones using paper plates. Staple the plates and let your child draw his own designs. For loot bags, you should create the templates. After stapling the bags at the right places, your child can draw birthday symbols and things. Do not forget to tell your child to write “Thank you for coming!”

  • You can also make a birthday banner with your child. You can use a long sheet of paper or board for this or you can sue a cloth. Let your child write the letter if he can. He should also paint the designs to make it more interesting and colourful.


In making crafts for kindergarten, you have to take into consideration your child’s age. This is to make sure that your child will enjoy making the craft project.

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