Fall Ideas For Halloween Crafts

With October comes fall, as the leaves color, the evenings become longer and there is a nip in the air. Gone are the long summer afternoons playing outside with you friends or just your dog because its time to go back to school. To combat intense mental boredom that the gloomy autumn evenings can bring and to keep them away from the mind numbing trance of the television its time to start preparing for what some would say is the best holiday in the year Halloween.

Halloween is actually the best time to get your child involved in some fun craft projects. Start simple with a traditional Halloween craft like making the pumpkin head and graduate to harder projects like making paper skeletons, or glow in the dark Ghosties.

Halloween Cards like all cards are some of the easiest projects that you can undertake. Craft supplies that you need to keep handy are construction paper, scissors, glue, paint and markers pens.

A simple yet interesting Halloween craft is to make a Halloween card is to cut out Halloween themed pictures and graphics from existing magazines and newspapers and stick them on to your card.

Slightly more challenging is to make cards in Halloween shapes like a pumpkin a flying witch or a ghost. Simply fold the construction paper into two. Using the inside edge draws the requisite pattern on one side. Cut the pattern around the inside edge, keeping the crease intact. Once you have got your pattern color it in and write Happy Halloween on it.

To make a paper skeleton the craft supplies you will need are hard gauge card paper, pen, brass rivets and scissors. Draw or print a skeleton on to the hard gauge craft paper. Cut it out using the scissors. Once you have done that, identify the relevant joints like the shoulder, elbow knee and neck joint and further divide the skeleton up. Put the skeleton back together using the brass rivets to make the joints work. Hang it on the doorway with a string and watch your skeleton rattle and shake eerily in the wind.

A great easy cute Halloween craft is the hanky panky spook. As you can guess its made from a hanky, a ping pong ball, white cord, two, 10 mm wiggle eyes, glue and your imagination. The basic idea is to wrap your hanky with the ball in the middle leaving most of it as the spooks skirt. Tie it in place with the white cord leaving a length to be used to tie the spook to wherever you feel like. Now glue the wiggle eyes in place for your very own spook buddy.

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