Cute Portable Vibration Speakers as Best Christmas Gifts

There is one model of Vibration Speaker we call it aHu which very like a cute tiger. It is very hot selling as it’s cute design and high quality sound. You will fondle admiringly if you just have a look of this vibration speaker. When you put this cute Vibration Resonance Speaker on other hard object, it will produce different sound, it must bring you surprise.

This vibration speaker have nice hard work, and made of best material, the manufacturer pay more attention on technics, design and mould, there is a “王” on the head of aHu, this is a chinese character which means king. Now there are more and more people are interested in Chinese character and Chinese, if you are a Chinese fan, you must like this innovation design vibration speaker, the tail of the aHu vibration speaker will shine at night, you will where it is, and it will make the environment homier, also there is a remote control for this aHu Vibration speaker, you could control it easily.

The aHu portable vibration speaker will produce sound by vibration, we can see there is a white mat which make the vibration speaker touch the hard object perfectly, there is vibration module built in the vibration speaker, the white mat will transfer the vibration to the hard object, let the hard object resonance with the vibration speaker, then the hard object will produce perfect sound.

This aHu are built in USB slot which can connect with computer and android tablet pc or your mobile phone, it will use the power from those devices, also there is a li battery built in the vibration speaker, and it has built in 2GB memory, so it still works even there is on other sound source, and even there is no computer. No matter where will you go, you may bring it to your package, it will accompany your life, work and entertainment.

The aHu are very small, the out put power is 2.5W, but it is big enough for produce perfect sound, the frequrecy is 100HZ-18kHz.

Also there are many other cute vibration speakers in our China electronics wholesale online store, it is perfect product for Christmas gift and birthday gift. No matter for kids, for the young and for the old.


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