Crepe Paper Crafts for Easter

Making crepe paper crafts for Easter can serve two purposes one as a decoration and two as gifts. The first craft we are going to look at is a crepe paper carrot basket.

When making crepe paper crafts for Easter you really should consider sticking to the traditional Easter colors or the items you are making. The first of two crafts we are going to learn to make is the crepe paper carrot basket you will need the following items:

• A basket it should be long however the size is up to you
• Crepe paper in an assortment of orange shades and a dark colored green for the tops
• Green Easter basket grass
• Scotch tape
• Shears
• An assortment of candy
• Small gifts for children

To make the crepe paper carrot basket follow these simple instructions:

1. Fill the bottom of the basket with the green Easter grass
2. To make the carrots you want to roll the crepe paper so it forms a long carrot shape that is thicker at the top and thinner at the bottom.
3. If you are going to place candy in the carrots, you will want to place it in near the middle of the rolling.
4. Lay out your crepe paper on the table (recommended size 8X8) start by rolling the crepe paper inward so it forms a roll. Roll a about two inches at the top that would be approximately five or six extra rolls at the top then roll downward. Place your candy in the rolled crepe paper about half way through the rolling. Continue rolling until you have a carrot shape.
5. Cut a 2X2 piece of green crepe paper for the top bunch it together so it resembles a carrot top and attach it with a small piece of scotch tape. The best way to do this is to fold the tape in half so it is sticky on both sides, attach it to the bottom of the green crepe paper, and press it firmly but gently to the top of the carrot.
6. Repeat the above steps until you have the desired amount of crepe paper carrots. Then add the remaining candy to the basket. You can make a crepe paper bow to place on the baskets handle. These can be used as decorations and as gifts.

The second crepe paper craft for Easter we are going to look at is daffodil crepe paper jellybean cups these are fun and easy to make and make a great treat for children’s classmates. You will need a flower making book with a daffodil petal pattern in it for these craft. Other Supplies you will need:

• Daffodil petal pattern
• Assortment of colorful crepe paper
• Mini cupcake holders
• Clear drying glue
• Pencil
• Shears
• Jellybeans
• Easter grass (optional)

To make the Daffodil Jellybean Cups:

1. Trace the daffodil petal on to a piece of crepe paper
2. Cut the petal out
3. Attach the mini cupcake holder to the center of the petal using the clear drying glue
4. If you like add a few strands of Easter grass
5. Fill the cup with jellybeans

This is one of the easiest crepe paper crafts you can make and the recipient will love it!

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