Crafts For Kindergarten – What to Make

Children are fun to play with; they are like sponges and absorb everything they can to enrich their minds. This is why it is rather easy to teach kids to have fun and still be productive at the same time. There are a number of crafts for kindergarten kids to do. This can be done both at home and in school or play centers.

One of the activities kids can do and learn with at this age are simple parts of something; perhaps a plate. Children are known to be highly creative and can imagine things far and wide, beyond the comprehension of rational adults. All one needs are some simple materials such as colored paper, a plain sheet or a flat paper plate, some glue and scissors. Although kids at this age are not entirely accurate and careful when using scissors; thus a moderator or the adult can instead pre-cut the shapes for them.

The idea for this activity is to encourage the kids pick some shapes and glue it to the plate while thinking of food items they always like. When the kids have done their choosing and sticking, the adult can then ask each child to explain to the rest of the group what they have done. For kids, a simple circle can mean a number of things; a donut, a cookie, a pancake, slice of sausage etc. A triangle on the other hand can become a slice of pizza or a sandwich. It is quite surprising how each child will present a unique plate; some of them would opt to be simple while others would go the extra mile to add different colors or scribbles and can accurately explain what they have done afterwards.

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