Christmas Craft Ideas

Giving something worth special to your loved ones this Christmas is something worth keeping and meaningful. With this, it is much better to put a little bit of a personal touch in every gift you are going to give this Holiday season.

Remember, you do not need to spend huge sum of money in order to give the best Christmas present this year. All it takes is a little creativity on your part to make it happen.

Here are Christmas craft ideas that you might want to use:


All you have to do is get a lot of used paper whether it’s bond paper, construction paper or art paper, as long as it is made out of paper it will do plus silk screen with wooden sides on it.

Just cut the papers into thin pieces put them on the blender with small amount of water until you come up with a pulp. Spread the pulp on the silk screen and wait till it dries. After it dries up, cut the newly made paper into a rectangular shape and fold it in half. Then, you can now add a little bit of design on the front and write your personal message inside.


Christmas wreath serves as a very nice Christmas decor right on your door. What you need to do is get hold of twigs, leaves, a couple of flowers or fruits or combination of both, wire and red ribbon.

You make a big circle out of the twigs and tie them up using the wire. After which, cover the twigs with leaves and stick them on through the use of a wire. When the wreath is all covered by leaves, it is now time to get the flowers or fruits or both and put them on the wreath. As usual, use the wire to stick the flowers or fruits on to the wreath. To top if off, make a bow out of the red ribbon and you can either put it on top or at the bottom of the wreath.

There you have two cheap Christmas craft ideas which you can do at home without costing you a single penny. Just find the materials you needed outside your home or inside your kitchen. You will be surprise that everything you need is just right in front of you. The best part is that these craft ideas are absolutely free!

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