Autumn Crafts For Kids You Should Know About

Children get bored when they have to be cooped up inside. When that is the case like it is during the fall, then you might need to look into Autumn crafts for kids. There are many crafts that you can do. Therefore, here are a few of those that you should look into.

One of our favorites is going outside to gather leaves. The children love doing this. Then, what we like doing is making imprints of the leaves and other cool designs. You get some paint and some paper, and then you dip the leaves in paint and press the painted side onto the paper.

Many of us think about the Indians and Thanksgiving when we think about the fall. That is our favorite meal. Here is a way that your children can complete crafts and you can use up any old buttons. Take some construction paper and roll it up making a corn cob. Then, instead of making your own kernels, you use buttons to glue them on and they become the kernels on your craft cob.

There is one that we really like. It is an edible turkey. You might think the turkey is edible but make a turkey out of an apple, marshmallows, candy corn, and raisins. You will also need toothpicks. Well you poke the toothpicks in the apple. Make a row of four tooth picks and then one toothpick in front of the row so that it looks like feathers and then room for a head. On the feathers, you just place three or four raisins and then top with a marshmallow, just stick them in the raisins. Then on the face you put a marshmallow and then push two raisins into the marshmallow for the eyes and the beak is the candy corn.

Something else you can use which you have at your home is macaroni. If you have some string and you have some macaroni, you can make some jewelry. They like it because they learn to thread things through and it works their fingers. Plus, it keeps them busy.

All of these are things that many have done. They are fun to try and complete for both parents and their children. Lets face it, some of them are just plain cute as well. So, look at these and get what you need. They are not something that once you are done you have to wonder what to do with them.

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