Arts and Crafts For Kids

Most children love arts and crafts. Letting your children take part in the decorating of your home or even in their own rooms is a great way to encourage their creativity, an appreciation for art as well as a unique, special home décor. Here are some quick and easy ideas for arts and crafts for your kids.

You can make your own finger paint with the recipe below:

• 1/4 cup cornstarch

• 2 cups water

• Food coloring

Begin- Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan. Boil until mixture thickens. Allow to cool, then pour into jars or other storage containers and color with food coloring. Best used on a glossy paper, such as butcher or shelf paper.

Or you can buy some paint from a store. You can have your child make paint handprints that they can sign and date. This makes a great wall decoration for their room. Another idea is to make a collage.

Make a collage- another great idea that’s fun and easy for children and that you can use around your home is to make a collage. You can use everyday items from around your home to make a fun and interesting collage. Your child can also add some photos or drawings they have done themselves. Some great household items to use in collages and other crafts are:

• Noodles

• Beans, split peas

• Other dried goods/foods

• Buttons

• Birdseed

• Toilet Paper/ Paper towel rolls

• Puzzle pieces from unused puzzles

• Old magazines and newspapers

These are just a couple fun ideas your children can do themselves to add wonderful, homemade décor items to your house that you will love and cherish as they grow older. They also make great gifts or handcrafted gifts for other family members and friends as well.

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