3 Paper Craft Valentines Day Decorations to Easily Spruce Up Your Party

There are so many selections for making Valentine decorations from a wide selection of resources. However, sometimes all that’s on hand are some pieces of construction paper and plain white sheets of paper. That’s all you need to have, though, to design some fantastic paper craft Valentines day decorations. Here are three project solutions for Valentines Day decorations:


Project Idea #1


Get sheets of colored construction paper; it doesn’t have to be just red or pink. Use as many colors as you’d wish. Fold the sheets of paper into quarters, and divide them up. Flip each quarter piece in half; draw a half of a heart on to each so the center of the heart is the fold.


Trim each heart out, and hang or tape them all over your home the same to how paper snowflakes would be mounted. The wide variety of colors adds a distinctive turn to this traditional paper craft. When hanging them up, consider doing so in layers or by slightly overlapping the hearts.


Project Technique #2


Follow the same recommendations above, and set the hearts aside. Bring sheets of plain white paper and cut them into snowflakes making use of all various outlines (use your creativity). Set the hearts over the snowflakes, and mark around the tips.


Cut the snowflake so it suits over the heart, and bond them together. You could also trim the snowflake so it is a bit smaller to bring the heart a framed look. Display the hearts throughout your home, on mirrors, on glassed over wall hangings, and from lighting.


Project Recommendation #3


Design a basic paper chain using red, pink, and white. Cycle the colors in a way that pleases you. There’s no right or wrong technique to conduct this. Hang this with additional Valentines day decorations like the paper hearts listed above.


Consider suspending the hearts from the chain, itself. As an added surprise, cut huge hearts out from pieces of decorative scrapbook paper. Punch two holes in the left and right side of each heart, and string ribbon or twine through to come up with a heart paper chain.


You can accomplish this using colored construction paper and plain white paper, as well. The construction paper and plain white paper works wonderful for those eager in adding their own drawings, doodles, and embellishments to these Valentines day decorations.


These quick paper craft projects are a perfect approach to sit down and start basic Valentine decorations procedures to young children. Not only can you incorporate fine motor skills and use of adhesives into the lesson, but you can efficiently educate children the historical past of Valentines Day and why people like crafting Valentines day decorations to hang in their homes.


This is also a great means to bring a touch of added romance for couples celebrating their first Valentines Day together. Think about composing messages on each heart before mounting them up to further add to this gift for your partner. Children working on this project may also want to add special messages on each heart before hanging them up as well, which adds an additional learning factor to this interesting project.

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