22 Photos Of Precious Ocelittles Just Because They Are So Stinkin’ Adorable

There are so many adorable wild cats roaming the world, but we might have just found the fluffiest, cutest little felines of them all. Baby ocelots, also known by the delightful nickname “ocelittles,” will put a smile on your face as big as their bright, beautiful eyes.

Seriously, prepare yourself to fall in love with each of their sweet faces. If only we could snuggle them through our screens.

1. So teeny, so sleepy.

2. As infants, their big, bright eyes have a blue hue.

3. As they mature, that shifts to a dark brown.

4. But no matter what color their eyes are, these babies are undeniably adorable.

5. He’s a little grumpy about lunch being late.

6. “Oh hai! We’re brothers!”

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7. Look at this lil’ charmer.

8. “When do cuddles start?”

9. Shh, he’s only had six naps today.

10. “Do I smell…steak?”

11. I’m sorry, I can’t remember what I was doing because this cutie just hypnotized me.

12. “Everyone knows how cute I am, right?”

Reddit / z-23

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13. Can we talk about those little white marks?!

14. “Jimmy, it’s rude not to say hello.”


15. Just look at that gorgeous fur pattern.

16. Despite their similarities to jaguars and leopards, they never get quite as large as those big cats.

17. He’s in the middle of an intense game of hide-and-seek…

18. “Dang it, you found me!”

19. Famous artist Salvador Dalí had his own pet ocelot, but it’s probably best to leave these guys in the wild.

20. I think he just realized he’s afraid of heights…

21. “We were just playing, I swear!”


22. I just want to rub his lil’ belly!

Getty Images / ullstein bild

Did we mention they also grow up to be BEAUTIFUL?!

Now I’m suddenly in the mood to check out my local zoo for any adorable ocelittles…anyone else inspired to take a field trip?

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