Watch This Man Help Reunite This Adorable Fawn With His Mother. SO CUTE.

This amazing rescue of a fawn who had been stuck in a fence all day, screaming for its mother, comes to us thanks to the UK’s Wildlife Aid. Not only did they save the little fawn’s life, but what happens next is pure magic and guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

(Source: Wildlife Aid) Well, my day just got instantly better. Share this with your friends and family, and give them a reason to smile today.

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Tired Little Fox Cub Hiding In A Family Home Gets Shown The Door In The Nicest Way

Simon from the Wildlife Aid Foundation is no stranger to late-night calls from people needing help with animals wandering too close to their homes. This time, however, he got a call about a critter that had actually gone inside someone’s house!

A little fox kit had taken refuge inside a family’s living room and decided the best nap spot was right in the corner, next to the couch. Refusing to leave, they called Simon to see if he would have better luck with the cute intruder. Armed only with kindness and a gentle snare, Simon managed to coax the fox into a carrier…after a game of cat and mouse around the living room.

And to think I get quite the fright when I see a spider hiding behind my couch. I’d be all kinds of spooked if I sat down to watch Netflix and found this little guy looking up at me.

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