What This Kitty Does With A Lemon Melted My Heart Into Pieces.

Cats are so darn cute. Well, DUH! That’s why we’re obsessed with taking videos and a bazillion photos of them, and watching more GIFs online than we care to admit. Everything they do seems like a capture worthy moment.

Especially this one. Here, our furry friend Princess decided to pick a fight with a piece of lemon. What happens next is awesome.

(via LaughingSquid)

We’re giving 2:1 odds on the cat in a rematch next week. Who’s in?

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This Little Girl With Down Syndrome Sings The Best Cover Of Let It Go. AWW.

Since it’s release almost a year ago, there have been about million covers of the anthemic ballad “Let it Go” from Disney’s wildly popular animated film Frozen.

Actually, probably more like a million and a half. With each new incarnation of the empowering song, originally sung by cast member and Broadway icon Idina Menzel, is a fresh attempt to out-cute the one before it. And they all melt away in comparison to this little girl’s perfect rendition. Take a look!



(via Facebook.)

Even better than the original.

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