Harry Potter Fan Art Just Took a Fantastically Detailed and Dark Turn.

No, we’re not talking about terrible fanfiction, so you can relax. This fan art was inspired by the wonderful world of creatures introduced to us by author J.K. Rowling. Artists, using descriptions from the books, created these monstrous drawings to pay tribute the series. Those concept creations have now been compiled into Harry Potter: The Creature Vault: The Creatures and Plants of the Harry Potter Films. Two colons in one title? You know it’s going to be good. 

The concept art for the wizarding world’s plants, animals and…other things were illustrated by various artists. The book even includes a 40-page section on dragons alone. In addition, the Creature Vault is full of trivia and information about the creatures that Potterheads everywhere can appreciate. It’s set up like a classic zoology text with diagrams and information for extra geek-outs. 

And, with the exception of the Pygmy Puff, a lot of these creatures are rendered in such detail as to make them terrifyingly realistic. 

Grindylow, Paul Catling

Grindylow, Paul Catling Harry Potter: The Creature Vault I bet it can multitask really well.

Hungarian Horntail, Paul Catling

Hungarian Horntail, Paul Catling Harry Potter: The Creature Vault This beast is certainly formidable, but the splashes of jewel-tone color lend it a certain majesty as well.

Another view of the Hungarian Horntail (Harry for scale), Paul Catling

Another view of the Hungarian Horntail (Harry for scale), Paul Catling Harry Potter: The Creature Vault Seems friendly.

Dementor, Rob Bliss

Dementor, Rob Bliss Harry Potter: The Creature Vault The composition of this image heightens the unnatural, beyond-ominous nature of the Dementors.

Aragog (Harry and Ron for scale), Adam Brockbank

Aragog (Harry and Ron for scale), Adam Brockbank Harry Potter: The Creature Vault Hey, Hagrid thought it was cute. What’s the big deal?

Nagini, Paul Catling

Nagini, Paul Catling Harry Potter: The Creature Vault Well, that’s an unpleasant surprise.

Swarm of Inferii, Rob Bliss

Swarm of Inferii, Rob Bliss Harry Potter: The Creature Vault Gross. Harry’s reflective spectacles add an extra creepy detail to this as well. (As if it needed more.)

Pygmy Puff, Rob Bliss

Pygmy Puff, Rob Bliss Harry Potter: The Creature Vault Okay, this one is just adorable. And after an image of a sea of corpses, you probably need this.

This is just a small sampling of the critters inside the book. When you consider what a lush world Rowling created, it’s easy to imagine the sheer number of inhabitants must populate it!  

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15 Problems Every Australian Beauty Addict Will Understand

Pretty Hurts.

1. The pain of not being able to easily purchase brands like Urban Decay.


2. The trepidation you feel as you purchase a product online without ever swatching it or seeing it IRL, because it’s unavailable in Australia stores.


“Will it look the same? Will it be pigmented? Is it all just a bunch of hype? OH MY GOD I CAN’T STAND THE WAITING!”

3. The distress of having to buy coveted, unavailable items online for an exorbitant amount of money because you just know that you truly, truly *NEED* it.

Okay fine, I’ll pay an extra $40 for my Naked palette because I have NO OTHER OPTIONS.

4. When your favourite beauty guru is all “I would never pay more than $20 for a mascara!” and you’re like:


“Cool I spent $35 on a shit mascara at Priceline last week I’ll just remove this KNIFE FROM MY HEART NOW SHALL I?!”

5. The frustration felt while waiting FOREVER for a limited edition collection to reach Australia.


“No it’s fine, I don’t mind waiting months for the new M.A.C collection, even though, you know, literally EVERYONE I follow online has it and is raving about it. I don’t feel left out at all.”

6. Getting FOMO every time you check in on the international online beauty community (which is always, because you love it).

7. Having to powder your face every 3.2 seconds in summer and ending up with cake face.


8. Humidity in summer that leaves you like this:

9. Being in the wrong hemisphere for beauty trends.


“Oh great, these summer themed limited edition collections are SO CUTE… in July.”

10. Comparing the exhibitor lists of IMATs (the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show) in Sydney, to the exhibitor lists in New York or London.

20th Century Fox

11. The knowledge that when Sephora opens in Australia, your international VIB membership points won’t transfer over.


From Sephora Australia’s Facebook:
“Sephora has a number of different rewards programs throughout the world and unfortunately the points of each program are not inter-connected. Sephora Australia will be offering its own rewards program for our loyal customers but we expect this to commence in early 2015. We will be sure to bring you the latest updates!”

12. Paying more for drug store brands:


Example: Cover Girl’s Clump Crusher Mascara retails for $17.95 at Priceline in Australia, while retailing for $6.94 at Walmart.

13. Paying more for high-end brands:

20th Century Fox

Example: Yves Saint Laurent’s coveted Touche Éclat corrector/brightener retails for $57 at David Jones in Australia, while retailing for $41 at Sephora in the USA.

14. Going overseas and stepping into Sephora, Ulta, and department store, any CVS like:

E! Network

And leaving five minutes later like:

Universal Studios

15. The very real fear that your first trip to Sephora in Australia will result in you standing at the counter, looking at the total price on your receipt like this:

ABC Family

… But being TOO EXCITED about Sephora finally coming to Australia to really care about the fact that it is absolutely, definitely going to leave you broke.

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