If Kids Loved Taking The Bus As Much As This Dog Does, Parenting Would Be Way Easier

Most of us weren’t very excited about going to school in the morning as kids, but this adorable pup couldn’t be happier whenever his bus arrives.

Rudy is a very lucky dog, because he gets to ride the Doggie School Bus to a dog daycare run by Arat Montaya, who’s been picking up, dropping off, and even offering overnight services for dogs in West Linn, Oregon, for six years. Rudy loves going to “school” so much, in fact, that he completely freaks out with excitement whenever his owner tells him the bus is at his house.

Watch as Rudy loses it when he realizes the bus is there to take him to doggie daycare. This is way too cute!

(via Daily Mail)

What an adorable and fun idea for dogs! Now I’m really wishing that I lived in West Linn so my own pups could ride this bus.

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21 Cat Photobombs That Are So Awesome, They Could Make The World Go Round

Cat owners will probably agree that when their furry friends want attention, they get attention. Sure, those rare times might not always (or, well…ever) line up with the times you need some snuggling, but on the rare occasion when you’re trying to give attention to another being, well that’s just not acceptable.

Which is why these hilarious cat photobombs are so on point, it’s impossible to not burst out laughing at their silliness.

1. “Oh, you think the baby is cute? I’M CUTER.”

2. Something evil is afoot.

3. “Mom, you’re in the way.”

4. A mad cat can really kill your road trip vibes.

5. “Gosh, I look so good!”

6. Three’s a crowd…

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7. “I peed on all the treats Santa gave you, Tom.”

8. He doesn’t like being overshadowed.

9. “Is there something on my back?”

10. He’d seen her take one too many selfies.

11. “Paul, that’s really not your best angle.”

12. When you’re in a two-cat house, there’s bound to be friction.

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13. “Just popping in…belly rubs now?”

14. I’m worried for this dog…and this human.

15. “It’s dinnertime, stop taking photos and feed me!

16. His timing is impeccable.

17. So much for that holiday family photo.

18. “Peekaboo!”

19. “Is this too close?” “Yes, Jim. For the 100th time, yes.”

20. Do you see it?

21. “Yoga? Relaxation? Naw.”

My dog loves to photobomb, but she’s not nearly as skilled as these cuties. Mad props!

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