If You Have Feline Friends, You’ll Definitely Fall In Love With ‘The Cat Rapper’

I have always loved cats, and the second I moved into my own place, I adopted one.

Now I have two beautiful kitties and they are the absolute best. There’s a reason the Internet loves cat videos — our feline friends have a unique ability to make us smile.

Dwayne Molock, aka The Cat Rapper, is someone who takes his love for his kitties to a whole new level. His social media accounts are full of incredibly genuine appreciation for cats and those who love them, and his raps about his own cat adventures are the best thing I’ve ever heard.

Here’s Molock with two of his four feline friends hanging out at home. He never misses the opportunity to tell his fans how much he loves them.

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From left to right, his cats’ names are Tali, MegaMam, Ravioli, and Sushi.

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The Dog Is In No Mood To Play Fetch, But Watch What The Little Boy Does — So Cute!

Most dogs are happy to play fetch all day, every day, but sometimes, even the most energetic pups just want to relax.

In this funny clip, a pampered pooch sits on the couch as his favorite little human tries to make him play. After throwing the ball across the room and doing his very best to persuade his four-legged friend, it becomes clear to the boy that the pup just wants to chill out for a while.

Instead of being bossy, however, the understanding little guy goes a different (and way more adorable) route.

It’s nice for little kids to get a lesson in patience every now and then, and if you asked this little man, he’d probably tell you that his best buddy is his favorite teacher.

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