Rest easy, ladies: George Takei will do your Hobby Lobby thinking for you!/GeorgeTakei/status/483966953175126016

Now you’ve done it, Hobby Lobby. You’ve forced actor George Takei to drop the F-bomb in a nonsensical meme.!/Hokiehunter13/status/483975138140897280!/NOTDaleJR88/status/483979387050942464

That “f**king crafts store” also drove Takei to  blog about “how the U.S Supreme Court believes corporations are people, yet treats women inhumanely.”


He trots out everything from Scientology to Sharia Law in his quest to portray Hobby Lobby as a company that “can refuse to provide insurance covering contraception to its female employees.” (Never mind the 16 types of birth control Hobby Lobby covers. Reading is hard.)

Takei also calls for a boycott and tells all you ladies what you should do. Because he knows best so pipe down and do as you’re told.

The only way such companies ever learn to treat people with decency and tolerance is to hit them where it counts–in their pocketbooks. I won’t be shopping there, and women everywhere should exercise their right of protest and refuse to shop there as well.

Hey, feminists, isn’t this the part where you call him out for “mansplaining” and infantilizing women by telling them what to do?

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.


Supreme Court sides with Hobby Lobby in landmark religious freedom case

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22 Awesome Fall Projects To Make Your Home Look And Smell Like Autumn

If you ask me, it isn’t officially autumn until your home is looking and smelling festively ready for fall.

Whether it’s by creating your own DIY decorations or by lighting some candles in fall-themed scents, there are plenty of ways to ring in everyone’s favorite sweater-friendly season from the comfort of your own home.

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To help get the house prepped and ready, here are 22 fall projects that will get everyone who steps through your front door in the spirit!

1. Using a candle carver, transform apples or gourds into one-of-a-kind candles.

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2. This leaf bowl can serve as the perfect home for your favorite fall potpourri.

3. Planning a family photoshoot this fall? Help ladies (and willing gents) look like they’re ready for pumpkin-spiced everything by making everyone a crown of leaves.

4. Transform your leftover mason jars into these brightly colored votives.

5. Perhaps the easiest way to decorate for fall is simply waxing some leaves for a simple touch.

6. Surround a vanilla candle with cinnamon sticks to create this festive centerpiece.

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7. These pumpkin floral centerpieces are perfect for formal gatherings with a gorgeous feminine touch.

8. Beauty doesn’t have to be fussy. Simply add sticks, water, and floating candles to your favorite vases for warm, inviting decor.

9. Stock up on corn and try crafting this Indian corn wreath.

10. Ombre pinecones will brighten up even the rainiest fall mornings.

11. Autumn is all about being rustic, and this awesome decorative pumpkin is just that!

12. String a strand of metallic-dipped leaves around the house to make fall a bit more flashy.

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13. Give your acorns a festive look by painting them to look like pumpkins.

14. Grab some wood slices from the craft store (or cut a few yourself) and coat them with orange paint for perfect backyard accent pieces.

15. Create your own decorative pumpkins with toilet paper rolls.

16. Nothing says fall like these dried orange and cinnamon ornaments.

17. Who says everything has to be red and orange once fall rolls around? Some pinecones and a little creative painting can help you pack a colorful punch.

18. If it can work on canvas, why not on a pumpkin? Decorate your own by using melted crayons.

19. Have a few wooden crates around the house? Try making these adorable decorations.

20. Everyone will know whose house it is with this epic decorative stick design.

21. Heating fall potpourri in the slow cooker will make your whole house smell great.

22. Reuse those empty wine bottles by making this awesome candy corn centerpiece.

I’ve noticed that some of the leaves have already begun to change, so I’d better get started on all my decorative fall DIY projects! Which ones will you try?

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