What She Does With Something She Found At The Dollar Store Will Impress You

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working at ViralNova, it’s that decorating doesn’t have to be expensive. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to force yourself into bankruptcy just to create a chic space to call home.

If you don’t believe me, check out all of these craft ideas! From large and luxurious to small and understated, these dollar store decorating projects will have your home looking like a million bucks…just without the actual price tag.

1. Simple paperweights can add a touch of elegance to a home office.

2. Take a plain, plastic basket and make it beautiful with some rope and glue.

3. Get some white plates and project a design on them to sketch out this Anthropologie-inspired display.

4. You can make this Pottery Barn-inspired wall art with just a few mirrors.

5. Does your patio need some chic new lighting? Grab a cheap basket and presto change-o!

6. Stack mismatched plates, glue them together, and paint them — you’ve got a beautiful birdbath!

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7. Another fun backyard addition? A silverware wind chime!

8. Display adorable, DIY candles around your home — no one will know you used cookie cutters to make ’em!

9. Get some gold pushpins and a blank canvas for this easy art project.

10. This cake stand is perfect for displaying food or decor…and it’s made from a pan and a candlestick!

11. Expandable coat hooks are the perfect spot to store jewelry.

12. No one will ever guess these chandeliers are made with cupcake liners.

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13. Make any old table look new by gluing on some pretty glass orbs.

14. You don’t need an antique store to have a vintage-looking milk glass vase.

15. Make a cool statement starburst with a small mirror, wooden sticks, and some paint.

16. Bathroom storage can be pretty and functional with these baskets.

17. Your plants will thank you for making this adorable indoor picture frame greenhouse for them.

18. Grab some little sculptures and glue them to wood. They make adorable jewelry holders or coatracks!

19. Drill holes in two bowls, glue them together, and you’ve got this beauty!

20. The dollar store doesn’t have to be all about decorating — grab some gold beads and jazz up your shades.

(via Momtastic)

So…which project are you going to start first? I love that vintage-inspired milk glass vase! The best part is these are all so inexpensive, but no one will ever know.

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Here Comes Baby! The Internet Does Baby Announcements Right.

Summer is a little more than halfway over. I don’t know about you, but it has suddenly been made clear that spring hit my non-single friends REAL hard this year. They’re all full’o’babies!

With the advent of the Internet the baby announcement has evolved into some way more creative and wacky than just spelling it on a cake. Here are some awesome ways parents have introduced their new bundles of joy to their friends and family.

This Mario brother is waiting for his Luigi.

Emily enlisted the help of the original Fresh Prince to announce the coming of her own fresh prince.

Actually Mom looks like she’s eating for a party of five here. No judgements though.

Look who’s laughing now, Dad!

Seeing this would truly terrify me as much as the movie did.

The baby is coming… just as the wise prophet Vanilla Ice once foretold.

Ha! But seriously don’t give your babies guns. They have an undeveloped sense of morality.

Torrey Smith of the Baltimore Ravens and his wife decided to announce the new baby over dinner.

This is a cute picture, but I hope they didn’t actually decorate their home with this pumpkin. Spooky!

Those toys are pretty choice. You guys will be fine parents.

All baby announcements aside, if that’s really a traffic sign, shouldn’t it say “wall ahead”?

These parents just gave birth to a little ghost baby!

The baby is crying because her parents just explained to her the intricacies of the real estate problem in this country.

For some reason a baby skeleton is creepier to me than a regular type skeleton.

I don’t know enough about bananas to confirm this is how they’re made. Are there any scientists out there?

Hike! Wait no, dad don’t throw!

Wow, they killed it so hard that I don’t think I want to even try to have kids (sorry Mom). Give this a share on Facebook to inspire the next batch of new parents.

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